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For attorneys, claims adjusters, or other professionals looking to seek resolution on a complex issue, there are few things more valuable than good documentation about the matter at hand. That’s why we at CalStar Unlimited have made it a point to make obtaining statements one of the areas where we shine the brightest.


With our investigations, we aim to coax out every fact, develop every witness, and generally put together the best picture possible so that you have all the information you need. Our investigators are adaptable and can think on their feet, making sure they can zig when the investigation zags.


With our statement investigations, you’re getting:


  • A diverse staff of specialized investigators who focus only on statements and are experienced in issues related to insurance claims and litigation

  • A unique approach that combines an aggressive drive to complete an assignment with soft interviewing skills and rapport-building techniques

  • A commitment to chasing down details, developing context, and documenting all the facts as opposed to simply checking boxes

  • The securing of all appropriate evidence, including detailed photographs and video, pertinent documentation, copies of communications, and other relevant records

  • Regular communication about case progress, including detailed post-interview status reports

  • Comprehensive and readable reports that pass through a strict editing process to ensure they fully document the information obtained and complete all assignment objectives


“I have just finished reviewing several of your investigative reports and everything looks very good. I especially want to compliment you on the layout and look of your AOE/COE reports.  They are very clean, well-organized, and easy to read.” - SIU Manager

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