Many investigative firms see themselves simply as service providers that you call when you experience trouble. We think that’s a great approach for a plumber, but not for an investigative firm.

At CalStar Unlimited, we recognize the problems you face are often complex, and when combined with the unique challenges or circumstances of a particular industry or situation, we think the best solution is often a personalized one. That is why we aim to be partners and collaborators with our clients. By working together, we develop a better idea of what our clients need, which allows us to produce a product that is more targeted, cost effective, and best suited to the problem at hand. Furthermore, we firmly believe a proactive, coordinated approach to risk management can reduce costs in the best way possible – by preventing problems from occurring in the first place.

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The dirty truth about many investigative companies is that their business models are based on volume, with most investigations reduced to simply box-checking. At CalStar Unlimited, we strive to make sure every client, whether a small business or a Fortune 500 company, gets a thorough, comprehensive investigation.

The team at CalStar Unlimited brings to the table decades of experience with investigating employment, insurance, and legal matters. Through this experience, our investigators have developed the knowledge necessary to navigate any situation and the skills needed to plan and conduct a successful investigation.

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