CalStar Unlimited is a full-service private investigative firm located in the heart of California.

CalStar Unlimited stands apart by offering a holistic approach to investigating that includes partnering with our clients to understand their needs and providing services that encompass both proactive and reactive strategies. In doing so, we help our clients save money, function more efficiently, and attain clarity in problematic or complicated matters. 

CalStar Unlimited draws not only upon decades of investigative experience, but also involvement with the types of organizations we aim to assist. Our staff is full of well-rounded, knowledgeable investigators with real-world experience and a commitment to excellence.


Ame Barfield has worked as a professional investigator since 1997. She began her career in law enforcement, where she worked as a Commissioned Security Specialist and Police Officer in the states of Washington and Idaho. In 2011, Ame moved to California and began working as a private investigator, with a specialty in investigating insurance claims and fraud. Because of this breadth of experience, as well as her prior work as a business owner, Ame has a unique perspective and a vast reservoir of knowledge that allow her to help clients find resolution, no matter their problems.

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With a background that includes journalism, corporate training, and management, Matt Andrews began his investigative career in 2009 as an AOE/COE Investigator for a Bay Area firm. He found a natural affinity and aptitude for the work, and it soon became his passion. In 2012, he began overseeing a variety of investigations throughout the Western United States, and by 2015 he was intimately involved in managing the marketing and day-to-day operations of a private investigative firm. With unparalleled tenacity, an outside-the-box approach, and a commitment to client satisfaction, Matt aims to work together with clients to helping them get what they need with any investigation.

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Bradley Pfanner began his investigative work in law enforcement in 1999 as a Police Officer in Northern Ohio. In 2010, he moved to California and quickly became one of the top surveillance investigators in the state, as his ability to remain calm and confident in the field set Bradley above the rest and allowed him to consistently obtain high-quality surveillance work product. As the Director of Surveillance for CalStar Unlimited, Bradley strives to provide the best results for his clients by staying up to speed on all of the latest surveillance techniques and technology. 

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