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Who We Help

With thousands of collective cases under our belts and a staff of experienced investigators with diverse backgrounds and skillsets, CalStar Unlimited is well equipped to provide superior investigative services on a wide variety of matters.

Insurance Companies

Whether you’re dealing with a frivolous or fraudulent injury, looking for closure on a claim with more questions than answers, or trying to find ways to minimize costs on a catastrophic or complex loss, there are few things more valuable than a good investigation. At CalStar Unlimited, we provide high-quality investigative services to give you the information you need so you can make the best decision possible. We investigate all types of insurance claims, including workers’ compensation, auto, property, and liability.


With seasoned investigators, a goal-oriented mindset, and the tenacity to see every case through to completion, the team at CalStar Unlimited is a one-stop-shop for busy attorneys. We’ll work with you to identify your goals and investigative needs, and then carry out an investigation designed to complete your objectives and help you reach a favorable conclusion. We provide investigative services for all types of civil and criminal matters. 


At CalStar Unlimited, we recognize that thriving businesses are the building blocks of our economy, so we are passionate about providing a range of services to keep your business running at maximum efficiency. Our approach is highly personalized and collaborative, with our experienced investigators working together with you to identify problem areas and enact solutions. The centerpiece of any program includes investigations into workplace incidents that cost you money, but our broader range of services includes more proactive approaches, such as preemployment screenings and the development of cost-conscious preventative programs.

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