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Bradley Pfanner

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Bradley began his investigative work in law enforcement in 1999 as a police officer in Northern Ohio. In 2010, he moved to California and began working as a private investigator, with a special focus on conducting surveillance and background investigations for a wide variety of matters. As a result of that experience, Bradley has developed a varied skillset that, when combined with his tireless focus on conducting quality investigations that center on results above all else, makes him a force to be reckoned with. Bradley has been nationally recognized in several television shows for his investigative work


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Paul Netto

Director of Surveillance Services

With over 35 years of investigative and law enforcement experience, Paul has personally conducted and supervised thousands of surveillance cases. Paul believes that proper planning, client communication and always staying several steps ahead of your subject is the best way to conduct an effective investigation. It's this mindset that sets Paul and CalStar apart from other investigative firms. Paul runs a team that specializes in video surveillance utilizing hi-tech digital equipment and hidden cameras. Paul is known for never blowing his cover and has an exceptionally high success rate for catching claimants unexpectedly. Paul and his team have provided hundreds of hours of expert testimony for clients in the courtroom.


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Matt Andrews

Director of Operations

With a background that includes journalism, corporate training, and management, Matt began his investigative career in 2009 as an AOE/COE Investigator for a Bay Area firm. He found a natural affinity and aptitude for the work, and it soon became his passion. In 2012, he began overseeing a variety of investigations throughout the Western United States, and by 2015 he was intimately involved in managing the marketing and day-to-day operations of a private investigative firm. With unparalleled tenacity, an outside-the-box approach, and a commitment to client satisfaction, Matt aims to work together with clients to help them get what they need with any investigation.


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