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Surveillance is one of the most beneficial pieces of evidence to have when it comes to getting answers, whether it’s for an injury claim or for a suspected case of infidelity. But while every private investigator under the sun conducts surveillance, no one does it quite like us!


Understanding that surveillance is both art and science, the team at CalStar Unlimited is dedicated to combining old-school grit and tenacity with the newest technological innovations in order to accomplish one simple mission - get as much film of your subject as possible.


With CalStar Unlimited, you’re getting:


  • A commitment to conducting lawful and ethical investigations to ensure the integrity of the work product

  • A diverse staff of specialized investigators who focus only on surveillance

  • Thorough presurveillance investigations to develop information and contribute to a personalized plan of action

  • An emphasis on sound fundamentals to ensure as much film is obtained as possible

  • Utilization of new and ever-improving technologies, including covert camera, stationary camera, dashboard cameras, and drones

  • High-quality video, detailed status updates, and thorough investigative reports delivered in a timely manner


“This surveillance report is outstanding and the video Brad obtained is absolutely fantastic. I especially like that he employed the use of drone.  Please extend my kudos to him.” – SIU Manager

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